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The Leader of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Visited Huntkey


Zheng Ke, a member of Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee, Yang Hong, Longgang District secretary and other government officials visited Huntkey to investigate the party construction work of Zhonghao industrial city at afternoon of March 23rd. Huntkey Enterprise president Luo Wenhua, executive president Li Jianguo and some member of Bantian street accompanied the visit.

Fig.1 Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee Zheng Ke (second from the left) and Longgang District secretary Yang Hong (third from the left)

Zhonghao industrial city contains 8 industrial parks, such as Huntkey, Weizhen, Kerta and so on, with 6 party branches and 168 party members (78 people of Huntkey branch) inside. Party activity center of Zhonghao industrial city  was set up in Huntkey building, aiming at providing service for party members and the masses.


Fig.2 & Fig.3 Municipal leaders visited the party activity center

Fig.4 President Luo Wenhua introduce Huntkey to the government leaders

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