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Huntkey Listed in the Top 100 Industrial Enterprises of Shenzhen in 2016


On March 20, 2017, the Shenzhen Economic Information Committee and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Statistics released the list of the top 100 industrial enterprises of Shenzhen in 2016. Shenzhen Huntkey Electric Co., Ltd., under Huntkey Group, was ranked 81st. It has been listed in the top 100 industrial enterprises for 6 consecutive years since 2011.

The selection of the top 100 industrial enterprises followed the international principles, mainly focusing on operating income (or sales income), tax revenue, net profit, owner’s equity, total assets, R & D expenses and the number of employees to evaluate all the industrial enterprises in the city. Founded in 2009, this event has provided authoritative information of the large enterprises in Shenzhen and has become a famous event in Shenzhen.

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