Huntkey Enterprise Group


Since the establishment, Huntkey has developed continuously in the components field, and acquired specialized R & D and manufacturing capabilities in the industries of household appliances supporting module, transformers, wire, precision components, etc.

Huntkey household appliances supporting module takes serving solutions of intelligent control module and structure module as the core, applying to household appliances like air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, electric heating, TV, etc.

Huntkey transformer includes high & low frequency transformer, filter, linear inductor, SMD transformer, PFC power factor inductor, network communication transformer, etc. The products are widely used in communication, medical treatment, automobile electric appliances, household appliances, computer, outdoor advertising power, custom power, etc.

The main products of Huntkey precision components department include computer cases, household appliances supporting, consumer electronics shells, etc.

Huntkey wires, which are applied to industries of computer, household appliance, audio/video, and communication, etc., mainly include DC connecting wires, data wires, electronic wires, computer periphery connecting wires, coaxial lines, USB connecting wires, computer chassis line, and so on.


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